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Visit Australia for that holiday experience you will never forget. Explore the Great Barrier Reef. Appreciate the World's Oldest Rainforest. Meet our Unique Wildlife.

Australia offers so much that it's difficult for the average Australian, let alone an overseas tourist, to decide where to go and what to do. This website aims to break it down into manageable chunks, or areas, and make it easier for a non-Australian to take it all in.

Australia Expat Travel specialises in planning and building your best ever holiday to our wonderful country. Our experience as both an expat family in China (and more recently as a local family with 3 children living and travelling in Australia), combined with helping so many overseas families explore Australia, provide a great depth of knowledge and feedback to help you with your planning. We know what works, and are very proud to share this knowledge as well as the numerous references, feedback and tips from very happy expat clients.

Our local knowledge is paramount toplanning your best ever Australia holiday. We help withdeciding on places to go, understanding distances & travel times between places, wonderful places to stay, things to do...

You also have security of knowledge that Australia Expat Travel is only a local phone call away and easily contactable to help during your Australia holiday!

Contact Us to ask about our range of suggested itineraries to give you some ideas about what is possible.

Australia Expat Travel can help build that holiday you are dreaming of.


We had a great time in Australia. We loved Sydney and would go back in an instant. Restaurants were fantastic. Our favourite being the Italian place you recommended. We ate there twice! Your fee I did a lot of work for this trip but that is the way I like to plan a trip. You made sure I was headed in the right direction and gave me some great advice. The way you handled our cyclone evacuation was beyond wonderful. I definitely think your fee was reasonable. Thank you for everything. Jennifer J, Shanghai

We had an excellent trip. Thanks very much for all your help in putting it together. First, did I find your consultancy valuable? Absolutely. . . More

We had an absolutely fantastic vacation in Australia! Even though every place had its special things, I liked The Kimberly's the best because that was really "Australia" for me. . . More

Firstly we want to stress that EVERYTHING was perfectly organized and we felt during the whole trip very comfortable. It is not easy to describe high- and lowlights as there were only highlights. We also thought during our flight back and the following days if we - next time - would do anything differently and found out that we would just do the tour exactly the same . . . More

Commenting on my Australia trip, I want to say that it was a superb unforgettable holiday and many thanks for your good preparation and itinerary. It was my first ever visit to Australia and without your help I would not have been able to plan for such an interesting . . . More

We had an absolutely wonderful holiday in Australia - certainly the best we've had with kids! And we were really lucky with the weather - hardly a gloomy day, and only a few spots of rain - or did you fix that for us too. . . More

Our experience as a whole is that we had a great vacation and we enjoyed a great mix of city, beach, exploring and experiencing . . . More

We had a great trip and enjoyed every part of it so not really a favourite part as we had a good programme with a lot of different adventures. I am ready to leave again tomorrow. . . More

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